Marathon Sod

marathon sodMarathon sod represents the highest standard of fescue sod available today. Its color, density and hardiness make it an exceptional sod selection for your home. Marathon sod comes in three different varieties and is accompanied by a conditional 1 year guarantee.

We recommend placing orders at least three (3) business days prior to your requested delivery date.  Southland Sod Farm delivers on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  We usually stock a limited amount of Marathon II sod on Saturdays which can be purchased for $3.99 per strip.

 Marathon 1 & 2 Sod Cash Special Pricing As of 11/1/16

$.64 per sq. ft for Marathon I (Original)

$.65 per sq. ft. for Marathon II

Prices shown above are cash prices for Marathon 1 & 2. Credit/Debit card purchases add 2 cents per sq. ft. (Visa and Mastercard only).

Other Southland Sod Turf Types.

$.86 per sq. ft. Marathon Lite

$.88 per sq. ft. Marathon III Lite 8 sq. ft. roll

$.66 per sq. ft. Tifgreen Bermuda 

$1.45 per sq. ft. St. Augustine

$.84 per sq. ft. Greenwave Creeping Red Fescue (great for slopes)

$.88 per sq. ft. Pureblue 

$.88 per sq. ft. Ryeblue

$4.90 per sq. ft. Zoysia Korean Grass

$1.25 per sq. ft. Zoysia Zeon

Delivery Charges:

$75 for order of 250-495 sq. ft.

$50 for orders of 500-995 sq. ft.

Free Delivery on Orders over 1,000 sq. ft.


Click on the images below for detailed descriptions of each sod type.

Evergreen Varieties


Winter Dormant Varieties