Marathon Sod

Marathon Sod

marathon sodMarathon sod represents the highest standard of fescue sod available today. Its color, density and hardiness make it an exceptional sod selection for your home. Marathon sod comes in three different varieties and is accompanied by a conditional 1 year guarantee.

We recommend placing orders two (2) business days prior to your requested delivery date.  Southland Sod Farms does not deliver on Sunday & Monday.  We usually stock a limited amount of Marathon II on the weekends.

 Marathon Sod Pricing

$.51 per sq. ft for Marathon I (Original)

$.52 per sq. ft. for Marathon II

$.53 per sq. ft. for Marathon III

Prices shown above are cash prices only. Credit Card purchases add 2 cents per sq. ft. (Visa and Mastercard only).

Delivery Charges:

$75 for order of 250-495 sq. ft.

$50 for orders of 500-995 sq. ft.

Free Delivery on Orders over 1,000 sq. ft.


Southland Sod also offers other premium turf varieties in addition to Marathon.  These varieties are described below.  Please call us for current prices on these varieties.

Evergreen Varieties


Winter Dormant Varieties

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