Avocado Trees

Avocado TreesAvocados are renowned all over the world for their wonderful flavor.  Avocado trees are consistently among the best-selling trees here at Louie’s Nursery! We carry a large selection of avocado varieties that are suited for our climate. There are however a few selections that do need protection from the cold.  All varieties are grafted and are self-fertile, however an A-type and B-type are recommended for cross pollination.  Avocados MUST have good drainage, frequent feeding and be planted in full sun in order to thrive.  The ideal location is on a slope or raised bed with a sandy soil base.  This ensures optimal drainage and will help prevent root rot.  Click here for more information on avocados!

**Avocado Trees are Subject to Availability. Please Call us for Latest Availability.

Avocado Varieties

A type avocados

A-Type Avocados

B Type Avocados

B-Type Avocados