Backyard Orchard Culture Seminar

Posted October 7th, 2016 by Louie's Nursery

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Backyard Orchard Culture Seminar

Please join us in welcoming Tom Spellman from Dave Wilson Nursery as he presents his Backyard Orchard Culture Seminar. Tom is a huge proponent of high density planting which provides maximum production in limited spaces. He is also one of the most respected speakers in our industry. This is and event you won’t want to miss so make to RSVP and enjoy the free refreshments and raffle prizes and most importantly, Tom Spellman!

Please bring questions, pen and notepad as Tom will be offering a wealth of invaluable information at this event. Below are some handouts which you can print and bring with you to the seminar.

Backyard Orchard Culture

Blueberry Flyer


Toms’ Top 21



Important Message: Riverside Public Utilities Customers / Riverside Tree Power Program

Please remember that standard sized fruit trees qualify for a rebate under the Tree Power Program. You can purchase 5 trees per year in addition to a free tree voucher which is attached to your March bill. More details about the Tree Power Program can be found here.

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